If you want to be among the first reservation holders to take delivery of a Tesla Cybertruck, the Foundation Series launch model is the way to go.

Priced $20,000 higher more than the dual-motor Cybertruck All-Wheel Drive and the tri-motor Cyberbeast, the Foundation Series is limited to 1,000 units that will be the first to reach customers.

The limited-edition model allows customers to take delivery by December 2023-March 2024; deliveries in California and Texas will start as early as this month, with more states following in early 2024.

If you're curious to see how the process of ordering and configuring the top dog Cybertruck takes place, Tesla pundit Omar of Whole Mars Catalog—who is also a Cybertruck reservation holder—has uploaded a video documenting the entire process.

Last week, many reservation holders received invites to order the Foundation Series Cybertruck, and Omar was one of them. His 19-minute video walks us through the process of ordering. There's not that much to configure, though, as the limited-edition model comes fully loaded with features.

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On the outside, the vehicle comes standard with 20-inch Cyber Wheels shod with 35-inch all-terrain tires that reduce the estimated range to 301 miles for the Cyberbeast (instead of 320 miles with all-season tires) and 318 miles for the Cybertruck All-Wheel Drive (versus 340). It's worth noting that all-season tires will be available to purchase in 2024, so the all-terrain option is the only way to go for customers who want to take delivery in early 2024.

Inside, the Foundation Series Cybertruck gets the White Decor as standard, an 18.5-inch main display, 9.4-inch rear display, 15-speaker premium audio with dual subwoofers, upward folding second-row seats, heated and cooled ventilated front seats, HEPA cabin air filtration, panoramic windshield and glass roof, and custom cabin lighting.

Also included is Full Self-Driving capability that will be pushed to the vehicle after delivery via an over-the-air software update. FSD will include Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, Highway Autosteer, Auto Lane Change, Autopark, Summon and Smart Summon, Traffic and Stop Sign Control, and Autosteer on City Streets. Tesla does not say what version of FSD will be installed.

The Foundation Series Cybertruck also gets a number of premium accessories as standard, including all-weather interior liners, glass roof sunshade, center console tray, gear locker dividers, vault D-rings, L-track hooks, and L-track bottle opener.

As mentioned before, the limited-edition Cybertruck subtly distinguishes itself from other variants thanks to a laser-etched Foundation Series badge on the front fenders and Foundation Series cabin graphic. Customers also get lifetime premium connectivity, Powershare Mobile Connector, and, exclusively for the Foundation Series Cyberbeast, an off-road light bar.

Customers who opt for the Range Extender battery, which costs around $16,000 and can be reserved for $500 (without locking in the price), should know that it will be installed at Tesla Service Centers after vehicle delivery; production of the battery pack starts in late 2024.

In exchange for a $250 order fee, Omar ordered a Foundation Series Cybertruck All-Wheel Drive, which set him back $99,990 plus $1,995 destination. So what do you think, is it worth paying $20,000 extra for the faster delivery and additional features?

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