Four years after being unveiled and becoming famous for having “Armor Glass” that shattered after it was hit with a metal ball, the Tesla Cybertruck is finally on track to get delivered to the first customers on November 30.

The date first appeared in the company’s third-quarter earnings report and now the Austin-based EV maker doubled down on it by launching a dedicated webpage for the delivery event that’s expected by an estimated two million reservation holders, according to an independent tracker, and by over one million, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

There’s a header image reminiscent of the teaser that was shown four years ago, before the pickup debuted on stage as a prototype, although now we know that the full-width LED light bar is there just to act as a daylight running light and not as a smoke-slashing projector. The main beams, which are responsible for lighting up the road when it gets dark, are nestled between the frunk and front bumper.

The page doesn’t offer any information about the Cybertruck, but it does have a purpose, and that’s to give shareholders a way to enter a lottery that can give them the chance to win tickets to the delivery event.

“Join us at Gigafactory Texas on Thursday, November 30, 2023, to celebrate the first deliveries of Cybertruck,” reads the description. “Shareholders can verify their Tesla stock ownership below to participate in a drawing to attend in person.”

To show Tesla that you’re a shareholder, you must upload some sort of evidence that you bought stock before September 30, with the deadline for entering the draw being November 3. The EV manufacturer will start telling people they won tickets on November 6, but as of now, we don’t know at what time the delivery event will take place.

This isn’t the first time Tesla offered a way to get tickets to the heavily anticipated delivery event. Previously, owners could get an invitation through referral credits in the Tesla app.

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