The Tesla Cybertruck is one of the most talked about electric vehicles in recent history, with daily posts on forums and Reddit showing prototypes and so-called release candidate (RC) units roaming the streets of the United States ahead of the pickup’s expected debut sometime later this month.

It’s arguably a controversial vehicle, with its angular design splitting internet opinion-givers into two camps, seeing how one could either love or hate its unconventional look, but that seems to have helped Tesla when it comes to getting a boatload of reservations, at least according to a crowdsourced tracker.

As per the publicly available that also lists over 47,000 self-reported reservations, Tesla has received an estimated 2 million pre-orders for its first-ever pickup truck, with most of the prospective customers going for the dual-motor and tri-motor versions, while the single-motor and quad-motor versions have less than 10 percent each in the grand scheme of things. Almost 70 percent of those who plan on getting a Cybertruck also have a Full Self-Driving (FSD) purchase in mind, as revealed by the document.

It’s worth noting that the numbers aren’t exact, with the authors of the spreadsheet saying that there’s some clever math going on behind the scenes to come up with the results, adding that several corrections have been made over time.

Furthermore, it’s interesting to note that even with a rather small $100 refundable deposit, Tesla managed to rake in a massive $200 million from pre-orders for the Cybertruck alone, allowing it to invest the money into the pickup’s development – if the numbers prove to be correct, that is.

Moreover, it’s expected that not all reservation holders will follow through with an order after the first units of the Cybertruck are delivered, but even if 80 percent of the pre-orders are canceled, that would still leave Tesla with 400,000 customers.

The same crowdsourced tracker estimated that the all-electric pickup had reached 1 million pre-orders in May 2021, with the number going up to 1.25 million in August 2021 and 1.3 million in November 2021 – two years after its unveiling.

The Tesla Cybertruck is expected to go on sale during a special handover event sometime this month, according to Elon Musk.

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