European bike brand Bzen is known for its urban-focused electric bicycles. Its newest model, known as the Vienna, serves as the fifth e-bike in its roster, and is said to be inspired by the high quality of life in Vienna. As you probably know, Europe is embracing electric bicycles as a means of mobility around the city, and Austria is no different. That said, the Vienna is meant to bridge the gap between conventional bicycles and e-bikes.

A lot of electric bikes in the market are designed to haul cargo or be super compact and easy to commute with. The Vienna slots itself in between those, being neither a cargo bike nor a folding commuter bike, but rather, a stylish urban runabout with a focus on comfort and safety. Its low, step-through frame means it’s easily accessible to shorter riders, while its lightweight construction – tipping the scales at no more than 17 kilograms – means it promises a very manageable and hassle-free ride. According to Bzen, it’s suitable for riders 150 centimeters to 175 centimeters (4 ft 11 in to 5 ft 9in) in height

Bzen Vienna Launched As Lightweight And Stylish City E-Bike

On the performance side of the equation, the Bzen Vienna is powered by a simple yet effective Bafang rear-hub integrated motor. With 250 watts of power and 45 Newton-meters of torque on tap, it’s just enough to supercharge your city cruises. Meanwhile, the battery consists of a 7-ampere-hour, 252-watt-hour battery pack that promises a range of 35 to 70 kilometers (21 to 44 miles) on a single charge. The rider’s pedaling efforts are transmitted to the rear wheel either via a nine-speed Shimano drivetrain, or a Gates Carbon Drive belt.

As mentioned earlier, the Bzen Vienna has a focus on comfort and safety, and this is evident with a soft, well-padded saddle for comfort during longer rides, as well as an upright seating position that prevents your back and shoulders from getting fatigued. The seatpost and stem are also adjustable to meet the varying needs of different riders. As far as safety is concerned, the bike comes standard with front and rear lights, a bell, mudflaps, and a kickstand for extra convenience. Bzen also throws in a rear luggage rack that can haul around 27 kilos of cargo.

The Bzen Vienna is underpinned by an aluminum frame, and comes to a stop with hydraulic disc brakes for confidence-inspiring deceleration. It rolls on puncture-resistant continental tires, providing a reliable ride on all road surfaces, though it’s important to note that the bike doesn’t get any suspension. When it comes to pricing and availability, the Vienna is offered in three colors consisting of white, black, and copper, and is priced at 3,199 euros, or approximately $3,380 USD.

Bzen Vienna Launched As Lightweight And Stylish City E-Bike
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