Gates Industrial Corporation, a pioneer in belt-drive technology commonly seen in motorcycle, electric motorcycle, and e-bike applications, has released massive updates to its Carbon Drive product range. To allow advancements in bicycle drivetrain design and fulfill expanding worldwide demand, the business is offering new belts and other components which make its already industry-leading products even better.

The newest Carbon Drive product range supports Gates' commitment to deliver low-maintenance, clean, quiet, and robust belt-drive solutions to a wider array of both electric-assist and manual bicycle applications, with all-new and upgraded components across its four primary product lines. Gates' revised line-up of belt drive systems spans a larger range of applications—entry-level to heavy-duty, human-powered, or semi-electric, and fully electric; on-pavement or off-road. Let’s take a look at the new Gates carbon belt drive systems. 


The premium CDX range from Gates surpasses the most stringent requirements, including extended distances in severe environments, and provides unmatched quality and performance. The silent and almost maintenance-free CDX technology outlasts standard chain drives by up to three times, according to Gates, making it ideal for long bike and e-bike rides. Gates announces a new CDX:BLACK sprocket line specific for high-performance applications, such as the expanding sector of geared mid-drive electric bikes, to its flagship product range. The sprocket line will include a variety of rear and front sprockets to fit a number of hubs and motors.

Gates Introduces Next-Gen Belt Drives For E-Bike Applications


The Gates CDC product range now includes a brand-new belt built exclusively for mid-drive e-bikes often used for commuting. It has a revolutionary mix of highly developed tensile carbon-fiber cord, rigid and robust ethylene elastomer materials, and nylon tooth fabric that provides all of the benefits of belt drives, plus two to three times the service life of typical chain drives. Gates' application range and potential market in premium utility-focused electric bicycles has greatly increased with the introduction of this new belt line.


The CDN system is designed for mid-range applications such as seasonal on-road riding and occasional commuting, balancing value and performance for urban and city bikes and hub-drive e-bikes. The CDN technology also introduces an enhanced belt for leisure riders, which has up to double the life duration of a standard chain drive. This next-generation CDN belt has carbon tensile cords, a new ethylene elastomer compound, and debris-shedding CenterTrack design for increased longevity and a broader working temperature range than the first-generation belt. In addition, the CDN series includes a completely redesigned CenterTrack rear sprocket set to give a comprehensive system solution.

Gates Introduces Next-Gen Belt Drives For E-Bike Applications


Finally, the SideTrack portfolio also incorporates next-generation ethylene elastomer and carbon cable technologies, delivering a solution aimed at the mainstream cycling industry as well as e-bikes with hub-drive motors.

New Tensioner

Gates also introduces a new tensioner that is compatible with the CDX and CDC product lines, enhancing the benefits of belt drives and making it easier for manufacturers to transition from chain to belt. The tensioner has a straightforward, attractive design that simplifies assembly and adjustment while needing little to no maintenance.

Gates Introduces Next-Gen Belt Drives For E-Bike Applications
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