In August, the total sales of Ford and Lincoln vehicles in the United States increased by two percent year-over-year to 161,300. After the first eight months of the year, the total result amounted to 1,342,507 (up 8.5 percent year-over-year).

Results last month and year-to-date:

  • Ford sales: 154,711 (up 2.0%) and 1,290,199 (up 9.2%)
  • Lincoln sales: 6,589 (up 3.1%) and 52,308 (down 7.0%)
  • Total sales: 161,300 (up 2.0%) and 1,342,507 (up 8.5%)

Meanwhile, all-electric vehicle sales rebounded and reached one of the highest levels ever, indicating that things are finally improving.

In August, Ford battery electric vehicles (BEV) sales amounted to 6,940 units, which is 18 percent more than a year ago and about 4.5 percent of the brand's total volume (a year ago, it was 3.9 percent).

BEV sales have increased consistently every month since April, so if nothing changes, we might see new all-time records later this year.

In terms of model sales, the Ford Mustang Mach-E almost set a new record in August with 5,033 units (better was only May 2022 with 5,179 units). The Ford E-Transit also was pretty strong and set a new record of 889 units. However, the Ford F-150 Lightning sales halved and barely exceeded 1,000 units (more on that below).

Ford BEV sales in the US - August 2023

So far this year, Ford sold almost 39,000 all-electric vehicles in the US (6.5 percent more than a year ago). That's about 3.0 percent of the brand's total volume.

BEV sales year-to-date in 2023:

  • Ford Mustang Mach-E: 23,010 (down 11%)
  • Ford F-150 Lightning: 11,327 (up 66%)
  • Ford E-Transit: 4,592 (up 17%)
  • Total: 38,929 (up 6.5%) and 3.0% share

For reference, in 2022, Ford more than doubled its BEV sales to 61,575 units and 3.5 percent of Ford's total volume (excluding the Lincoln brand).

Ford F-150 Lightning

Sales of the Ford F-150 Lightning amounted to just 1,018 units last month (down 57% year-over-year), which is the third consecutive decrease year-over-year.

Ford explains that production is starting to ramp up after a six-week shutdown to expand the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center with limited deliveries across July and August. Earlier this year, the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center was also shut down for several weeks, because of the Ford F-150 Lightning battery recall. This also affected the results.

The company says that the facility is on track to triple its production rate to a target of 150,000 units per year by this fall.

150,000 units per year works out to about 12,500 units per month, so this is what we should expect in the final months of the year or in early 2024.

It's worth noting that prices for the Ford F-150 Lightning were recently significantly reduced.

Ford Mustang Mach-E

The Ford Mustang Mach-E noted 5,033 sales in August (up 61% year-over-year), which is the second-highest result ever. It makes the model the second most popular all-electric crossover/SUV in the country, after the Tesla Model Y.

Meanwhile, the "gross stock" increased to 20,500 units (compared to 16,100 a month ago), indicating increased availability of the model.

Ford Mustang Mach-E production

The production of the Ford Mustang Mach-E in Mexico slowed down to 7,203 units in August, after four months of five-digit results. On the other hand, it was 48 percent higher than a year ago.

More than 65,000 units were produced so far this year (up 39 percent year-over-year, despite the January-February pause).

The numbers exclude China, where the Mach-E was locally produced and sold (at a small scale).

For reference, in 2022, the production of the Ford Mustang Mach-E in Mexico amounted to 77,959. In November 2022, Ford celebrated the production of the 150,000th Mach-E. Now, the cumulative number is noticeably above 200,000.

The company intended to increase the production rate to 210,000 units annually (for global markets) by the end of 2023. However, considering the recent pushback on production targets, we are not so sure if it's still possible.

Ford E-Transit

Sales of the Ford E-Transit van in August amounted to 889 units (up 120 percent year-over-year). That's a new record. The year-to-date volume amounted to 4,592 (up 17 percent year-over-year).

Ford promises an increase in E-Transit production at the Kansas City Assembly Plant. The company also launched a new, long-range version of the van.

Other plug-ins

Unfortunately, Ford does not report sales of other plug-in models, like the Ford Escape PHEV. Lincoln's PHEV sales were not revealed either.

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