Tesla Cybertruck sightings continue to drip-feed enthusiasts with small nuggets of design revelations. Just a few days after Cybertruck paparazzi spotted a prototype draped in black camouflage, we’re now seeing fresh aero wheel covers in a new spy video.

Instagram user Zeca Azan shared a clip (embedded below) in which a camouflaged Cybertruck prototype can be seen in Palo Alto, California, rolling with new aero wheel covers finished in metallic black. They also have a star-shaped central cutout.

Many Twitter users seem to admire the design, even though the wheel covers appear misaligned and improperly centered.

They are simpler than the rugged ones seen on the Cybertruck when CEO Elon Musk first introduced it in 2019. This is one of several wheel designs we’ve seen on the electric truck so far, including the steel wheels spotted in April along with testing equipment.


Theoretically, aero wheels reduce wind turbulence and resistance, boosting range and reducing energy consumption. They’re a standard fitment on the Model 3, and one test found that they improve range by up to 10 miles.

Driving range is likely to be one of the central discussion matters for the Cybertruck, and Tesla could offer aero wheels to maximize efficiency, with street or off-road tires. It's rumored that the EV could debut with a 350-mile variant, while the 500-mile version could arrive later.

Although, Tesla is reportedly executing several techniques to make the EV efficient. In a recent Munro live episode, teardown experts predicted that the Cybertruck could weigh less than the Rivian R1T and the Hummer EV thanks to weight- and cost-saving techniques like giga casting.

Tesla Cybertruck

Thanks to the giga press and a structural battery pack, the electric truck will presumably use fewer components than rival models – although the stainless steel exoskeleton will likely add a lot of heft.

What type of wheel design would you like to see on the Cybertruck? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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