The Tesla Cybertruck could be the zeitgeist of this decade’s automotive culture, given the endless conversations around it. With limited official information available, car spotters, drone operators, and media and industry experts have several predictions about the electric truck.

In a new Munro Live episode, teardown specialists Sandy Munro and Cory Steuben speculate about the Tesla Cybertruck based on factory images, spy shots, and their prior experience with Model 3 and Model Y teardowns. One of their predictions is that the Cybertruck might weigh less than the Rivian R1T and the Hummer EV.

The experts reason that the Cybertruck’s multiple giga castings, including a single-piece front underbody giga casting, and two giga castings in the side and the rear, could save more weight compared to other electric trucks.

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The Tesla appears to have a unibody construction, while the Hummer and the Rivian have a ladder frame chassis, which generally weighs more. “You have no frame, no mating interfaces, you also have an efficient structural battery pack,” said Steuben in the video.

The Cybertruck could weigh no less than 6,000 pounds for tax purposes, he added. The R1T has a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 8,532 pounds, while the Hummer reportedly tips scales at over 9,000 pounds. They say that the Tesla could be comparatively lighter.

To classify as a light-duty truck, a vehicle’s GVWR has to be more than 6,001 pounds, but not exceed 10,000 pounds, as per the Federal Highway Administration. Although, EPA's classifications differ, and categorize the Rivian as a heavy-duty truck.

Another prediction is of the Cybertruck’s incredible structural strength. The frontal crash structure, including the A and B pillars, appear remarkably stiff, and are possibly made from boron steel or hot stamped steel, said Munro.

Leaked Tesla Cybertruck Photo Shows No Cutout For Midgate (Source: @TeslaPhx/Twitter)

In other words, Tesla could use ultra-high-strength steel in critical areas to comply with safety regulations. The two experts made the analysis based on the picture above that showcases Cybertruck’s “body in black,” which is the structure beneath the skin.

“This thing (referring to the A and B pillars) is going to be bulletproof. There’s no way that anybody is going to crash and have an issue,” predicted Munro.

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