Tesla hasn’t released any design or specification details of the refreshed Model 3 yet, but netizens and enthusiasts have been circulating spy images of the test mules for several weeks now. New high-resolution shots from Palo Alto, California, give us the most detailed glimpse so far of the so-called Project Highland version.

Photographer Colin W. posted images (gallery below) of a black prototype on Twitter – its front and rear sections appear hidden under black covers, while its side profile remains exposed, similar to previously spotted test mules.

It appears like the front overhang is slightly longer than the current version, and there’s a new crease emanating from the side camera housing, that runs through the front door panel.

Twitterati also speculated about a possible new camera positioned low on the front bumper, similar to the Cybertruck. If that’s true, the facelifted Model 3 could come with Tesla Vision, the brand’s camera-based Autopilot system, that no longer relies on ultrasonic sensors.

Gallery: Tesla Model 3 Project Highland High-Res Spy Images

The Model 3 Project Highland will likely get the Hardware 4.0 computer as well, which could deliver a clearer view of the surroundings, improved Full-Self Driving (FSD) functionality, wider field of view, and enhanced processing capabilities.

The brand started rolling out these features on the Model S and Model X earlier this year, while the Model Y with the upgraded hardware began shipping in May. We already know from previous spy images that the updated Model 3 could come with sleeker headlights, sharper front bumper, new wheels, redesigned rear bumper and taillamps, and a new diffuser.

The delivery timeline of the refreshed Model 3 is unknown, but it appears like preparations are underway. Recent drone footage showcasing the Fremont facility suggested that operations had slowed down for possible retooling of the Model 3 production lines.

Can you spot any other details from the high-resolution pictures? Let us know in the comments.

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