Tesla has apparently started shipping Model Y vehicles equipped with the company’s latest Hardware 4 computer from the Fremont, California factory, as photos from two separate Twitter accounts show.

Embedded below, the tweets from users @BLKMDL3 and @klwtts reveal several Model Y electric crossovers fitted with the upgraded front-facing and side-mounted cameras that have previously been spotted on Model S and Model X vehicles.

By the looks of it, there are also some cars on the lots fitted with the previous generation Hardware 3 computer, which means Tesla is yet to make the switch to HW4 for all the vehicles it makes.


Back in February, the first Model X SUVs equipped with the American EV brand’s latest Autopilot computer, also known as FSD2, were delivered in the United States, but as one customer who received such a vehicle stated on Reddit, some of the basic features were completely broken, including cruise control, the parking sensors, Autopilot, Navigate on Autopilot, the FSD Beta Visualization preview, and the rear backup camera.

The owner of that particular Model X was waiting for a service appointment with Tesla when he originally posted his message, but it seems he never updated the post, so it’s anybody’s guess if the issues were resolved.

As previously reported, it’s impossible to retrofit the new self-driving computer to older Tesla vehicles, as the unit itself has a different form factor and there are extra cameras and sensors that need to be plugged in. Additionally, Elon Musk said that retrofitting older cars would not be “economically feasible.”

The carmaker’s new Hardware 4 computer is based on the same Samsung Exynos architecture as before, but this iteration it’s a bit more powerful, with the CPU core count going from 12 to 20 per side, each with a maximum frequency of 2.35 GHz and an idle speed of 1.37 GHz. 

Furthermore, the system uses more cameras that are also higher-definition than before, as well as a new “Phoenix” radar to detect objects down the road.

Initially, the Hardware 4 setup was supposed to debut with the Cybertruck, but it looks like the American car manufacturer chose a different route, seeing how the all-electric pickup has been delayed multiple times and is expected to finally go on sale towards the end of the year.

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