According to a recent Twitter post and reply, it appears Tesla's Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta technology is starting its initial rollout abroad. There was an FSD beta install reported on TeslaFi, followed by news that at least two Tesla EVs in Europe have received the over-the-air software update for the advanced driver-assist system.

Twitter user Andy Dowling (@ie_andy) tweeted last night that a new install of Tesla's FSD beta technology was showing in Australia. Just minutes later, Twitter account Teslascope replied substantiating the claim about Australia and adding that it has also detected an install in Germany and another in Belgium.


Teslascope noted two other new installs with unknown locations. To no surprise, there were 129 installs in the US and three in Canada around the same time.

While there are only three cars confirmed to be getting Tesla's FSD beta in countries outside of the US and Canada, this could turn out to be big news. Sadly, people outside the US and Canada usually have to wait forever to get new Tesla models and features. Some people paid for this tech years ago (at a steep discount compared to what it costs today) and they still may not have access to it for months, if not years.

When Tesla first started its FSD beta program in the States, it was a slow roll. Only a small group of testers were granted access, and it seems they were likely somehow vetted by the company and CEO Elon Musk.

Following the initial stage, Tesla implemented its Safety Score system, which helped it determine which owners would be next in line to become FSD beta testers. Clearly, even if a few folks abroad are testing Tesla's FSD, it doesn't mean most paying Tesla owners will get access any time in the near future, but they can certainly be hopeful.

At any rate, Teslascope's data reveals that a Tesla Model S P 100D with Hardware 3 got the update (2023.12.9) in Belgium. In Germany, a Model S Plaid with the same hardware setup also received the over-the-air software update. A Model 3 Standard Range in Australia was updated with version 2023.12.5.

Elon Musk has been confident FSD beta would be ready for Europe soon, though almost all of his estimates about the technology have proven to be years behind. He said Europe's left-hand drive markets would start getting the update last summer, so it's almost another year behind at this point. 

Musk also said yet again at Tesla's recent Annual Shareholder Meeting that he believes Tesla will solve full autonomy by the end of 2023. The Tesla chief has said the company would do so at the end of each of the last several years, but many changes have been made, and it's just been one delay after another.

It will be interesting to see how quickly Tesla begins to roll out FSD beta in Europe and Australia after the initial stages of beta testing are underway. Will it go about the rollout in a similar fashion as it did here on our shores, or does Musk have a different plan? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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