The Model 3 is Tesla's second best-selling electric vehicle across the globe. There are several reasons why it's so popular, one of which is reliability, indicates a new poll.

The Bloomberg survey, which includes a pool of 5,000 verified Tesla Model 3 owners, revealed that customers vouched for their EV's reliability. The sedan scored well in an older study, but the scores improved over time, as per the new survey.

When the Model 3 entered production in 2017, owners encountered several manufacturing defects like chipped paints and misaligned panels. Customers even voiced their troubles online. But Tesla seems to have improved its quality and reduced the manufacturing inconsistencies.

The Model 3 fared well in six reliability areas. In some aspects, it excelled over others. For instance, owners awarded top marks to the chassis components, battery, and drivetrain, rating the systems as the most reliable. But exterior reliability was comparatively lower.

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Here’s what one owner said about the exterior in the survey: “The car has been very reliable compared to other cars I’ve owned, I just wish the fit and finish was better.” Another commented, “Some rattles in the interior that reappear every year, surely this improved on newer cars.”

One owner got new motors: “Had to have my motor replaced after problems on a long road trip. It took a while but Tesla did a good job under warranty.”

In terms of battery health and degradation, the survey found that the average range drop for the Model 3 and Model Y was about nine percent after 100,000 miles. The result is consistent with several owners we have written about in the past.

In freezing temperatures, the range declined by about 28 percent as per the new survey, contrasting Reccurrent’s latest data which stated that in temperatures less than 30 degrees Fahrenheit, the Model Y lost over 50 percent of its capacity.

For ICE cars, Toyota is considered among the more reliable brands and is also the top-selling carmaker globally. Recent developments indicate that Tesla is on track to top sales charts this year, and even make big strides with regards to reliability.

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