While buyers seeking an electric crossover have an abundance of options to choose from, for a long-time those chasing after a larger electric SUV have only had one real option - the Tesla Model X. That said, the full-sized electric SUV segment is finally heating up, and the long-dominant Model X is now facing some serious competition.

The Mercedes EQS SUV, which was launched late last year, has its sights set directly on the Model X. Like the Model X, it offers seating for up to seven and starts at around $100,000. However, build quality and luxury details are where it may get its edge.

YouTuber Kim Java, a Model X owner, recently reviewed an EQS SUV. While the EQS SUV's exterior has received criticism from many, Kim was mostly happy with it. She praised the grill design, LED headlight strip, and practical running boards.

Inside she liked the luxury feel of the EQS SUV. The ventilated leather seats offer superb comfort, meanwhile, road noise is minimal. Massaging functions, seat pillows, and a sunroof all add to the experience. Furthermore, at night the ambient lighting adds a premium feel. There's also plenty of rear legroom. One major downside of the EQS SUV is the lack of a front trunk, with overall storage space being more comparable to the Model Y than the X. 

The EQS SUV's infotainment is responsive and offers plenty of useful features. Kim found the EQS' driver assistance technology to be superb and on par with Tesla's Autopilot. Meanwhile, the rear-wheel steering makes parking in tight spaces much easier.

In real-world driving, Kim found the EQS's range was similar to that of the X (around 270-300 miles). The Model X can charge marginally faster than the EQS SUV and is significantly quicker from 0-60 miles per hour. That said, Kim found the EQS 450's 5.8 second 0-60 mph time to be more than quick enough.

Kim concluded that the EQS SUV was a compelling choice for those chasing after a luxury electric SUV. She stated that she would choose it over her Model X provided it had access to the Tesla Supercharger Network, which it will from 2024 onwards.


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