Touring by bike is one of the most serene, relaxing, and breathtaking experiences out there. I remember doing an epic 300-kilometer, three-day ride several years ago, long before the boom of electric bicycles we're seeing today. That being said, with electric bikes becoming more and more popular, covering greater distances on two wheels is now more accessible to a wider audience. 

This brings us to our topic for today, the Flyer Goroc TR:X. A lot of today's e-bikers started out riding mountain bikes on the trails, so the Goroc TR:X will surely make for a familiar platform, if not a premium, top-tier one. It incorporates the best of both worlds when it comes to capable off-road mountain bikes and practical city commuters, and could very well be the only e-bike you'll need for both daily and recreational rides. 

New Flyer Goroc TR:X Is A Full-Suspension Urban-Ready E-Bike

First and foremost, let's talk about Flyer. Flyer is a Swiss bicycle manufacturer that has been in operation since 1995. They provide a diverse range of e-bikes to meet a variety of demands, including mountain biking, crossover riding, touring, and urban commuting. The latest addition to their range is the Goroc TR:X, which is a full-suspension e-bike. This innovative model combines the best features of a mountain bike with an urban cycle, making it ideal for off-road excursions as well as city commuting.

When it comes to technology, the Flyer Goroc TR:X stands out as one of the first e-bikes to incorporate Pinion's brand new Motor Gearbox Unit (MGU). The MGU is a game-changing invention that integrates the electric motor and transmission into a single housing that is centrally installed within the bike's frame. This integration eliminates the need for external gearing through derailleurs, simplifying the design and improving overall performance of the e-bike. The MGU not only improves power transfer efficiency, but it also adds to a cleaner and sleeker look thanks to the integration of a Gates carbon belt drive.

New Flyer Goroc TR:X Is A Full-Suspension Urban-Ready E-Bike

In terms of performance, it has a nominal output of 250 watts with the ability to peak at 600 watts when necessary. The motor's torque rating of 85 Newton-meters puts it on par with other popular motors from Shimano and Bosch. The gearbox, which is built into the motor case, provides the e-bike with 12 gears, comparable to a regular bike drivetrain. The Goroc TR:X also has four riding modes: Eco, Flow, Flex, and Fly. These modes offer varying amounts of assist and flexibility to users, allowing for optimal performance based on terrain.

While these performance figures may seem really good for an electric mountain bike, Flyer ups the ante by fitting the Goroc TR:X with a slew of practical amenities for daily riders. For instance, full coverage fenders ensure you don't get dirty on your rides to work or school. On top of that, the bike is equipped with a slim luggage rack for panniers, boosting its capability as a touring bike for longer rides out of town. 

Having said all that, the Flyer Goroc TR:X is by no means a budget-friendly bike. It starts at a rather hefty 8,699 Euros, or about $9,595 USD. For that money, however, the Goroc TR:X has you pretty much covered for all sorts of riding – be it commuting on the daily, quick grocery runs, or long-haul trips out of town.

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