Nowadays, nearly all types of bicycles have been electrified. From sporty road bikes to all-terrain-capable mountain bikes, e-bikes have even ushered in new types of commuters and cargo bikes. The result is undoubtedly generally positive, with more and more people relying in their two-wheelers for commuting on a daily basis. 

That being said, if we look beneath the configurations of today's e-bikes, we'll realize that there is no one-size-fits-all e-bike system. Indeed, cargo bikes need high-torque motors to account for load, while sporty e-bikes need a natural-feeling pedal sensation in order to give riders a nearly imperceptible feeling when pedaling. This means that at present, we have a wide assortment of e-bike systems, all with their own specializations.

Bosch Unveils Lightweight Performance Line SX E-Bike System

Take, for example, Bosch, which is undeniably the biggest manufacturer of e-bike systems to date. It has a system for nearly all types of bikes – its Cargo Line ideal for, well, cargo bikes, its Sport line for casual e-bikes, and its Performance CX and CX Race for top-tier e-MTBs. That said, Bosch continues innovating, and has just introduced a new e-bike system that sits at the  so called "Goldilocks zone" when it comes to performance. It's called the Performance Line SX, and it's specifically designed to suite electric gravel bikes, urban e-bikes, and lightweight electric mountain bikes. 

Bosch eBike Systems CEO Claus Fleischer explained in a recent article by BikeRumor, “Now that most types of bicycle have been electrified, the individual categories are becoming even more diverse. With the new Performance Line SX, we are primarily targeting sporty riders, for whom a low total weight is important for riding fast and experiencing a natural flow. Our goal was to maintain the typical Bosch quality, riding performance and reliability and transfer these to light, agile bikes. With the Performance Line SX, state-of-the-art eBike designs and maximum riding fun can be optimally combined.”

Bosch Unveils Lightweight Performance Line SX E-Bike System

On the performance side of the equation, the Bosch Performance Line SX dials down the power found on the CX motor by quite a bit. From 85 Newton-meters, the SX motor outputs 55 Newton-meters, but continues producing a nominal power output of 250 watts, in compliance with European e-bike regulations. It's worth noting, however, that it has an impressive peak power of 600 watts. In the real world, this translates to a much milder pedal assist to actual pedal power ratio, and theoretically, should result in a much more natural pedal feel. 

Now, the biggest selling point for the Bosch Performance Line SX is its low weight. It's touted as one of the lightest offerings from Bosch in its performance-oriented e-bike range. The entire system is claimed to tip the scales at just four kilograms – motor, battery, and controller. Of course, this is the base weight, and will inevitably increase as you add accessories such as a range-extender. More specifically, the motor weighs just two kilos – 750 grams lighter than the CX motor, while the battery tips the scales at another two kilos.  

Speaking of the battery, given the motor's lower output, Bosch can get away with a smaller, and therefore lighter, battery pack. With just 400-watt-hours of juice, the CompactTube battery offers respectable range, although this will be highly dependent on your riding habits. If you're looking to add some miles to your rides, you can always opt for the compact PowerMore 250-watt-hour range extender, which offers extra juice for your bike packaged in the size of a water bottle. The PowerMore weighs in at 1.6 kilos, so the entire setup in its most capable form tips the scales at 5.6 kilograms. 

Last but not least, the Bosch Performance Line SX system brings features to the table that e-Gravel riders would particularly appreciate. For starters, it's been designed with a Mini Remote that's compatible with dropbar setups found on gravel e-bikes. Furthermore, it incorporates a new Sprint mode, in addition to Tour+ and eMTB modes. The new Sprint mode is designed to offer extra boost during high-cadence pedaling. This means that the faster the rider pedals, the more support the motor provides. 

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