Technology in the world of electric bicycles has advanced leaps and bounds in recent years. So much so that it's safe to say that e-bikes have detached themselves from standard, non-electric bicycles in terms of design and architecture. Indeed, nowadays, e-bikes are so much more than just bicycles with an electric motor strapped on – although they continue to operate this way. 

Electric bicycle manufacturers have been focusing heavily on two things lately: reducing weight and optimizing performance. We've seen it in the latest e-bike systems from the likes of Bosch and Shimano, however, these systems, as fancy and lightweight as they are, are buit atop tech that's been around for quite some time now. Enter German e-bike system specialist Pinion, and its brand new Mission ON.E e-bike drive system. The ON.E is unique in that it combines the motor and drivetrain into one unit, hence the naming convention. What this means is that electric bikes running this system need not rely on external gears. 

New Pinion Mission ON.E E-Bike System Combines Motor And Drivetrain

Pinion rose to fame due to its internal gearing mechanisms, and this time around, the ON.E takes this a step further. Apart from ditching a geared hub or external derailleur gears, the Mission ON.E allows e-bikes to be more streamlined and compact, potentially saving weight. The entire system tips the scales at just four kilograms, making it one of the lightest drive and drivetrain systems out there. The fact that the setup can then be paired with a Gates carbon belt drive means that you have a recipe for a virtually maintenance-free e-bike system. 

According to Pinion, the Mission ON.E is an MGU – Motor and Gearbox Unit – and took 12 years to perfect. As is the case with most cutting-edge e-bike tech, the MGU relies on a myriad of sensors and actuators to precisely time every single shift in a manner that's seamless, efficient, and predictable in order to ensure the most natural pedal feel possible. The motor consists of a wear-free brushless motor while which is directly linked to the transmission. Both of which are housed in a single lightweight die-cast magnesium housing. 

New Pinion Mission ON.E E-Bike System Combines Motor And Drivetrain

In terms of real world power output, it's a bit trickier to determine exactly how much juice is being pumped to the ground, as the setup features a motor connected directly to the transmission. However, Pinion rates the Mission ON.E with a max output of 85 Newton-meters – similar to offerings from Bosch and Shimano – with specific torque output varying depending on the gear you're in. As for the gearing itself, well the ON.E is offered in either a nine-speed or 12-speed setup, and is suitable for a wide selection of models ranging from city commuters to mountain bikes, and even electric cargo bikes. 

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