Swiss e-bike manufacturer Stromer presents its newest creation, the ST2 Pinion, a speed pedelec groomed to be the successor to the ST2 Belt. As the name suggests, the ST2 Pinion makes use of a Pinion gearbox—an internally housed gearbox inside the bottom bracket that works in a similar fashion as to that of an automobile. 

Now, before we dive into the specifics of the ST2 Pinion, it's important to note that this European market model is classified as a Speed Pedelec, or S-Pedelec for short. A notch above your standard electric bicycle, an S-Pedelec requires registration, insurance, and a regular driver's license to operate. Furthermore, these two-wheelers must share the road with regular traffic, and are therefore not allowed on cycle paths. This is because of their relatively higher top speed of 45 kilometers per hour, or 28 miles per hour. 

Swiss E-Bike Specialist Stromer Launches The ST2 Pinion S-Pedelec

Now, diving right into the specs, the Stromer ST2 Pinion has a six-speed pinion gearbox mounted in the bottom bracket, making for a much smoother pedal feel as opposed to single-speed bikes. Furthermore, the pinion technology allows you to shift gears regardless of whether you're in motion or sitting still—particularly useful for riding in stop-and-go traffic. The cranks are likewise connected to the rear wheel with a belt drive from none other than Gates, which ensures low maintenance and quiet operation. 

As for the motor, the rear-hub unit has an output of 750 watts—triple that of standard electric bicycles. As mentioned, a top speed of 28 miles per hour is possible with this setup. Powering the motor is a 655-watt-hour battery pack with a claimed range of 120 kilometers (75 miles) on a single charge. There's also an optional range extender which gives it an extra 60 kilometers (38 miles) of range. 

The Launch Edition of the Stromer ST2 Pinion, highlighted in an Electric Green color scheme, is set to hit the market in April, 2023. Meanwhile, other color options consisting of Dark Gray and Moon Ray will be made available from June, 2023. As of this writing, Stromer has yet to announce official pricing for the ST2 Pinion. 

Swiss E-Bike Specialist Stromer Launches The ST2 Pinion S-Pedelec
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