Tesla recently opened in Europe its second Supercharging station equipped with V4 stalls, envisioned to handle Tesla and non-Tesla electric vehicles.

The new site, located near an Ibis hotel in Clermont-Ferrand in France, has 12 individual stalls, including one pull-through type for larger vehicles or vehicles with trailers.

Let's recall that Tesla's first Supercharging station with V4 stalls was opened on March 15, 2023 in the Netherlands (see video), and on April 8 the company made it available also to non-Tesla EVs.

Interestingly, there is some kind of steel structure prepared for a canopy installation in the future (most likely a solar one).

Photos of the new station were shared on social media by Esther Kokkelmans and lulu63974:


The V4 Supercharging stalls differ from the V3 in many ways, starting with a black and white color (compared to red and white V3), a taller shape and a noticeably longer charging cable - about 9.5-9.8 feet (calculated from 2.9-3 meters) - to reach charging inlets of non-Tesla EVs in various locations.

In Europe, the Supercharging plugs are compatible with the CCS Combo 2 (CCS2) charging standard, natively used by Tesla and non-Tesla EVs.

Initially, the first generation of the Tesla Model S/Model X (and Superchargers) were equipped with a different charging solution - a Type 2-compatible charging inlet, used not only for AC, but also for DC charging.

Power output appears to be the same (250 kilowatts) per stall, but there is a potential for much higher output in the future. According to photos from the Netherlands, the maximum values are: up to 615 amps (A) and 1,000 volts (V), so 615 kW would be theoretically possible (depending on the charging cabinet, and EV capability). Time will tell whether Tesla will increase the power output or not.

Unofficial reports indicate that the V4 stalls (rated at 350 kW) are coming to North America. They might also be equipped with a built-in CCS adapter (aka Magic Dock).

Tesla's first V4 Supercharging stalls, installed in Harderwijk, Netherlands.

Tesla's first V4 Supercharging stalls, installed in Harderwijk, Netherlands.

By the way, it's worth noting that in July, Tesla electric car sales in France reached a cumulative number of 100,000 units. The first 50,000 were sold over a period of 13 years, while the second 50,000 units over a period of just 16 months.


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