Tesla has just officially announced that the first V4 Supercharging stalls are open for use at a new station in Harderwijk, Netherlands.

We reported earlier today about the new station, expecting an imminent launch, and here it iss. The first 16 V4 stalls in Europe are open.

The main new element of the new V4 Supercharging stalls is the taller design with a longer cable, attached at the top, to provide easy access for more electric vehicles (specifically non-Tesla EVs, which might have charging inlets in different locations).

The new V4 stalls are still in some kind of pilot rollout, as Tesla currently makes them available only for Tesla cars. As we understand, if everything works properly, Tesla will include the station in the non-Tesla Supercharging pilot program in Europe, which is the ultimate goal.

"Currently, V4 stalls are only open to Tesla vehicles, as we test and evaluate performance.

We will soon welcome all EVs at this site and open new V4 sites across Europe."


Some users already had an opportunity to visit the new station today and to check out how they work with Tesla vehicles.

fritsvanens (@fritsvanens/Twitter) reports that the power output is the same as in the case of V3 versions (250 kilowatts DC). That does not surprise us, because earlier we saw a photo that indicated 250 kW and 500 V system.

Higher power output and voltage might be the next element in the future, while the focus, for now, is just to make non-Tesla Supercharging more available.

Of course, all the new Superchargers in Europe are equipped with CCS Combo 2 (CCS2) plugs, natively used by basically all new cars in Europe (including Tesla). Older Tesla cars (Model S/Model X) can also use the CCS2 chargers, through an adapter (offered by Tesla).


Overall, the new Superchargers look pretty nice - aesthetically. There are no displays or any authentication devices because Tesla vehicles are communicating with the network automatically, while non-Tesla EVs can use the stalls through the Tesla app.

Tesla currently has more than 11,000 Supercharging stalls in Europe. It will be very interesting to see how fast the network will get the V4 versions.

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