Tesla's recently announced fourth-generation (V4) Supercharging stalls were spotted in the Netherlands, where the first units are being installed in Harderwijk.

The company revealed during the 2023 Investor Day that installations of the V4 Superchargers began in Europe and that they will be equipped (among other improvements) with longer charging cables to support non-Tesla electric vehicles. Let's recall that non-Tesla EVs have charging inlets in various locations and thus sometimes might require a longer cable than the standard one in V1-V3 Superchargers.

The video provided by electricfelix presents a site under construction in Harderwijk, which is expected to be opened in the second quarter of 2023 and offer up to 16 stalls. Some of the stalls were already installed (or partially installed) and they are noticeably taller than V3 Superchargers.

It's believed that they will look like in the drawings, which were first shown in mid-2022, or like the stalls for electric trucks. A nice view of what to expect was also shown by Wayne Lewis in a recent tweet:


We don't know about any other V4 Supercharging site under construction, which might mean that the station in Harderwijk is also the first V4 in Europe.

Here is another look at the site:

It's currently not clear if the power output of the V4 units will be higher than the existing 250 kW in the V3 version. The new infrastructure might also be ready for higher voltage (1,000 V level), but according to a photo published by Esther Kokkelmans, it's still 250 kW at up to 500 V.


Installations of V4 stations in North America to follow after Europe, which was prioritized to handle non-Tesla EVs. Currently, more than half of the stalls in Europe are available for non-Tesla vehicles, while in the United States, the pilot rollout is at the very beginning (10 first stations).

Currently, the main topic of non-Tesla EV Supercharging in the US is to smoothly introduce the Magic Dock (CCS1 adapter integrated into Supercharging stall).

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