During the 2023 Investor Day, Tesla revealed that it just started installing its fourth-generation (V4) Supercharging stalls in Europe.

The company didn't show any photos or details (like power output), but the new stalls will have a longer charging cable.

We assume that the new posts are taller than the existing ones (V2 and V3) - as shown in an unofficial report - with the cable attached at the top. It might be something similar to the stalls for trucks.

This is a very important change in the context of non-Tesla Supercharging, which in Europe is already available at more than 50 percent of sites (thanks to native compatibility with CCS2 charging standard).

That's because various non-Tesla electric cars have charging inlets in different locations, which might be problematic in terms of connecting a vehicle. In some cases, it's impossible without awkward parking or blocking two stalls. We described it already a few times, including here and here.

Because Tesla recently launched the Non-Tesla Supercharger Pilot also in the United States, we guess that it's only a matter of time before we will see V4 Superchargers in the US. The issue with physical compatibility between the stall/parking space and an EV is the same and already demonstrated with an example of a Ford F-150 Lightning.

Anyway, it's great to see that Tesla continues to improve its fast charging network, which currently is available for non-Tesla vehicles at select stations in 17 countries (15 in Europe, plus Australia and the US).

Globally, the network consists of well over 40,000 stalls at roughly 4,700 stations. Once the network is opened to other electric cars (compatible with the CCS1 or CCS2 charging connectors, depending on the market), then it will become one of the largest publicly available fast-charging networks.

The short-term plan for Tesla seems to be the launch of V4 Supercharging stalls with longer cables (first in Europe and then also in other markets). In the US, the first topic is to retrofit stations with the Magic Dock (CCS1 adapter within the stalls) and install new stations, equipped with the Magic Dock right from the start. Separately, we might see some other changes, not yet announced, like another power boost, a higher voltage, a different layout, or auxiliary elements.

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