Tesla's first V4 Supercharging station (16 stalls), located in Harderwijk in the Netherlands, is now open to non-Tesla electric vehicles.

Tesla initially launched the station for Tesla EVs only on March 15 (see video of charging here), saying that "soon" it will welcome all EVs.

Opening the station for non-Tesla electric vehicles is the main point of the introduction of the V4 stalls, which are equipped with longer cables to reach charging inlets in different locations.

We assume that the initial tests were completed, and on April 8, Tesla announced that the site is open for all EVs - of course, only those compatible with the CCS Combo 2 (CCS2) connector, which isused in Europe for fast charging.


The non-Tesla Supercharging Pilot is currently available at select stations in 15 European countries, Australia, and the United States (about 10 sites).

In terms of V4 Superchargers, which in the future will be installed not only in Europe but also in North America, they are expected to bring a significant change to the network.

Tesla's first V4 Supercharging stalls, installed in Harderwijk, Netherlands.

Tesla's first V4 Supercharging stalls, installed in Harderwijk, Netherlands.

Let's list what we know and what is expected or potentially possible:

  • Design/size: the black and white, V4 stalls are taller than V3, and closed, with a cable attached at the top
  • Cable length: V4 has a longer cable - about 9.5-9.8 feet (calculated from 2.9-3 meters) versus 6-6.5 feet in the V3 version, to reach charging inlets in different locations (non-Tesla EVs)
  • Power output (initially 250 kW): V4 stalls potentially should deliver higher power than the V3 (250 kW) and support high-voltage battery systems. The maximum DC current output of the stalls (according to the photos) is up to 615 amps (A) and 1,000 volts (V), so 615 kW would be theoretically possible (depending on the charging cabinet, and EV capability).
    There was unofficial info about 350 kW output one year from now.
  • Charging standard:
    In Europe (and in most of the rest of the world), the V4 to be compatible with the CCS2 charging standard
    In North America (and some other markets), the V4 will be equipped with the MagicDock (built-in CCS1 adapter) to support Tesla's proprietary charging standard (named by the manufacturer NACS) and CCS1-compatible EVs.
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