Last year, pizza chain Domino's said it would implement 800 Chevrolet Bolts at its locations by the end of 2023. The Bolts would be utilized as delivery vehicles, and employees could drive them instead of their personal cars.

Domino's had announced it hit that goal on June 28th, 2023, so the pizza firm decided to introduce more to its fleet. By the end of 2023, Domino's increased that goal to introducing 1,156 Bolts to its locations across the United States.

To make this possible, the company is working with Enterprise fleet management. Like most brands opting for EV fleets, there are noticeable benefits over an internal combustion engine-powered fleet. "Electric vehicles provide several advantages for Domino's stores, including ample battery life with the potential to have days of deliveries, zero tailpipe emissions, advanced safety features, and lower average maintenance costs than non-electric vehicles," a press release stated.

We expect these vehicles to be charged on level 2 stations overnight. Since the Bolt has a substantial 11.5-kilowatt onboard charger, the car can increase its range by up to 39 miles in an hour. Expecting these vehicles will be used in short-mile deliveries, this quick charge rate paired with an EPA-rated range of 259 miles will be more than enough.

But besides the cost and environmental benefits of using Bolt EVs, the cars double as marketing support. The EVs are outfitted with Domino's decals and side emblems with the words "Domino's Electric Delivery."

This news comes after GM announced the Bolt would not continue production, leaving drivers and fans upset. If Domino's wants to advance its EV adoption further, it might have to look elsewhere for EVs in 2024 and beyond - possibly in the upcoming Equinox EV.

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