Not long after Amazon and Hertz announced their EV campaigns, we started learning about other companies with similar plans. We recently shared that Domino's Pizza has invested in a fleet of EVs, and now it seems it's already paying off.

Domino's Pizza now has a full fleet of Chevrolet Bolt EVs that are custom-wrapped with the company's name and the made-up phrase "en-pie-ronmentally friendly." The EVs are now out delivering pizzas in the Metro Detroit from nine different locations.

According to Automotive News, Domino's franchisee Dally Investment has already taken delivery of and wrapped 25 Chevrolet Bolt EVs as part of a plan to grow the fleet to a whopping 800 units. The goal may be to protect the environment and save money on fuel and maintenance, but it's also attracting plenty of attention from customers, as well as potential employees.

You don't have to like EVs or own an EV to admit that the futuristic vehicles are almost certain to get your attention. Add Domino's red, white, and blue logo to the quirky Bolt hatchback and we can tell you from personal experience, it's hard to miss, especially when compared to the wide variety of personal cars that pizza delivery employees would typically be driving.

Dally operations director Wade Ross admits that, in addition to the latter, one of the main reasons Domino's chose this path forward was for marketing. He shared:

"There are a lot of different driver jobs out there with DoorDash, Uber Eats. So, attracting good, qualified drivers has been difficult, and offering a company vehicle is a huge benefit that can attract drivers."

Drivers can now choose to use a fleet EV and skip the wear and tear on their car, not to mention the hassle of having to be reimbursed by the company for their miles/fuel. Thanks to the uptick in delivery operations from a growing number of companies, it's more difficult for pizza chains like Domino's to attract drivers. The EVs work to set the business apart from its rivals.

In addition to attracting drivers, the Bolt EVs can also work to grow Domino's loyal customer base. Once people become interested based on the new EVs, they may begin ordering from the company and continue doing so going forward. The interest in electric cars is certainly growing, and people want to see them and learn about them. Ross added:

"Face-to-face interaction with customers and talking about our cars, brings more of a positive atmosphere. It's bringing in more customers, repeat customers and giving us an opportunity to sell our brand."

With all of that said, EVs just make sense for the job. Dealing primarily with local deliveries means they don't really have to rely on public fast-charging infrastructure. Most of the driving is urban and suburban, which is where EVs really shine. They're most efficient at lower speeds and in stop-and-go traffic, thus offering the most range in such environments.

Once a Domino's Chevrolet Bolt is done with its shift, it can be charged overnight. Dally has already installed give EV chargers at Domino's stores.

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