Lapierre, the well-known French bicycle company, has achieved global acclaim for its superb road and mountain bikes, which appeal to both professional racers and ardent enthusiasts. Lapierre is not only known for its high-end models, but it has also expanded its product line to include a varied selection of electric bikes. The company is making waves in 2023 with the debut of the E-Zesty, a cutting-edge full-suspension electric mountain bike.

The E-Zesty, Lapierre's new full-suspension electric mountain bike for 2023, has geometry inspired by classic trail bikes, with 140 millimeters of suspension travel in both the front and rear. This bike's 29-inch wheels provide outstanding off-road performance. Notably, it stands out in its class as one of the lighter alternatives, weighing less than 20 kilos. Its fully modern design is testament to its premium price tag, underlined by internally routed wires and hoses, producing a sleek and clean appeal. The integrated display on the top tube adds to its sleek design, while a built-in USB-C charger adds to its functionality.

French Cycling Brand Lapierre Presents The 2023 E-Zesty E-MTB

The E-Zesty sets a high performance standard with its Fazua Ride 60 motor, which is widely regarded as one of the lightest and most compact e-bike systems on the market. Its sleek and well-integrated design is so smooth that at first sight, the E-Zesty may be mistaken for a non-electric bike. The Fazua Ride 60 motor produces up to 60 Newton-meters of torque, giving riders confidence throughout difficult climbs. Furthermore, the battery capacity has been greatly increased, delivering 430 watt-hours compared to its predecessor's 250 watt-hours, allowing for longer rides without sacrificing power. An optional 210-watt-hour range extender, which can be neatly stowed in the down tube, provides more power for prolonged trips.

French Cycling Brand Lapierre Presents The 2023 E-Zesty E-MTB

The Lapierre E-Zesty 2023 model has a carbon fiber frame, weighing an astonishing 2,630 grams in size M. With 140 millimeters of suspension travel, the bike provides a smooth and controlled ride, which is further enhanced by an integrated flip chip that allows the shock mount position to be adjusted to suit varied terrains. Furthermore, the E-Zesty is versatile in that it can be used with either 29-inch wheels or a mullet layout, with a 29-inch front wheel and a 27.5-inch rear wheel configuration. More HM and VHM fibers are used in the current version of the bike, which adds to increased handling and stiffness.

The 2023 E-Zesty comes in a variety of sizes, including S, M, L, and XL, allowing riders to select the best fit for their requirements. The E-Zesty AM 9.4 model weighs 18.3 kilograms and costs €7,599 (roughly $8,236). This model has premium features like a RockShox Lyrik fork, Shimano XT 4-piston brake calipers, and Shimano SLX gears, all of which contribute to a high-quality and dependable riding experience. The E-Zesty AM LTD top model has a RockShox Pike fork, Shimano XT drive, and carbon wheels for those looking for even more high-end components. This variant is marginally lighter at 18.03 kg, but the price jumps dramatically to €8,699 (about $9,428).

Please keep in mind that prices and availability may differ based on your location and local stores. For the most current and up-to-date price information, always check with authorized dealers or Lapierre's official website linked below.

French Cycling Brand Lapierre Presents The 2023 E-Zesty E-MTB
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