Fazua is one of the biggest up and coming names in the world of electric bicycles. Known for its compact and lightweight drive systems, Fazua offers sporty e-bike riders a thoroughly connected e-bike system thanks to smartphone integration, which allows users to easily adjust settings on the fly. 

In June, 2022, Porsche announced that it had acquired Fazua, and since then, the latter continued expanding and is now featured in a variety of high-end electric bicycles. That being said, Fazua has just announced a major software update to its Ride 60 system. The firmware update is designed to enhance the Ride 60 system's performance, more specifically, reducing the reaction time between the rider's first pedal stroke and the engagement of the pedal assist system. 

The Fazua Ride 60 software update aims to enhance the ease and safety of taking off with the electric bike. The update improves stability, particularly when riding uphill, addressing the challenge of gaining momentum while pedaling. Moreover, it proves beneficial at stoplights, enabling electric bike riders to swiftly maneuver ahead of traffic. The system has been specifically designed to engage smoothly, preventing any sudden jolts from a stop that could catch riders off guard and potentially lead to accidents.

As for the technology aspect, the Fazua Ride 60 software update includes ANT+ LEV upgrades, which prove advantageous for riders utilizing GPS devices like Wahoo or Garmin. This integration enables the system to transmit e-bike data, including battery life, ride data, and bike settings, directly to the device. This feature allows riders to effectively monitor and keep track of their rides. To install the firmware update, users can simply download it online and connect their bike to the computer via the USB-C port for the installation process.

One of the notable bike ranges equipped with the Fazua Ride 60 system is the Maxx ELF range. This collection consists of a variety of electric bicycles, ranging from full-suspension e-MTBs (mountain bikes) to city commuter bikes. The Maxx ELF range offers a diverse selection to cater to different riding preferences and environments. Additionally, the Canyon's Roadlite:ON 8 stands out as an impressive e-bike that features the latest Ride 60 system. This model combines the benefits of an electric bike with the sleek design and performance of a road bike.

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