Seeing a Trek logo on a bicycle—whether it's electric or otherwise—is often reassuring, and a sign that the bike you’ve got is built with safety, performance, and efficiency in mind. Indeed, it’s for this reason that Trek has become one of the biggest, most respected bike brands in the world.

Of course, Trek isn’t one of the best bike brands because it’s the oldest, but rather, it’s the oldest because it’s one of the best. The brand has done this through years of innovation, which persist even today. This is especially true in the rapidly growing electric bicycle market. It goes without saying that e-bikes of today are so much more than just bikes with electric motors attached. They need to be built to exacting standards to ensure they’re up to the task of whatever riding it is they’re intended for. This is especially true for the city and commuter e-bike segment, of which the Trek Verve+ 4S is one of the newest entrants.

The Trek Verve+ 4S Is A Robust, No-Frills City Commuter

The Trek Verve+ 4S electric bike is based on the same dependable Verve+ chassis as its predecessor. It comes in both standard and step-through frames to accommodate different riders' preferences. However, the current version has a stronger motor and a more powerful battery, allowing you to easily traverse your daily journey, even over the most demanding of terrains.

Diving right into the specifics, the Trek Verve+ 4S is outfitted with a Bosch Performance Sport electric motor mated to a 500-watt-hour PowerTube. The battery pack is easily removable, and designed for quick and easy charging both on and off the bike. According to Trek, the Verve+ 4S should be able to travel anywhere between 15 to 70 miles, depending on your assist level, terrain, and general riding habits. For those seeking a little bit of extra range, there’s also an optional range extender that’s estimated to boost total range by 50 percent.

The Trek Verve+ 4S Is A Robust, No-Frills City Commuter
The Trek Verve+ 4S Is A Robust, No-Frills City Commuter

Other standard features include hydraulic disc brakes and a wheel and tire combo measuring 700c x 50. The tires are road-focused units, but feature a high volume construction making for a more comfortable ride on uneven pavement and gravel roads. Along with the Bosch Performance Sport motor, a Shimano Deore drivetrain offers a 10-speed system, allowing you to pedal along seamlessly with the electric motor.

Last but not least, the Trek Verve+ 4S is also equipped with convenience-focused amenities such as a MIK rear rack with a 25-pound payload capacity. It’s designed solely for hauling luggage such as bags and racks, but not compatible with child seats, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for a kid-hauler e-bike. Nevertheless, the bike also gets front and rear lights, a heavy-duty kickstand, and front and rear fenders as standard. There’s also a suspension seatpost to take away the bumps of everyday urban terrain.

The new Trek Verve+ 4S is now available in Trek retailers in either standard or step-through configurations. Colors consist of dark blue for both iterations, as well as a special yellow color exclusive to the step-through variant. Both models retail for $3,499 USD.

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