Tesla Model 3 production has allegedly stopped at Gigafactory Shanghai, per Chinese blogger Wu Wa. Posting on his YouTube channel, Wu Wa noted that Model Y production is continuing as normal, however Model 3 production has seemingly stalled. Wu Wa has a reputation as a reliable Tesla blogger and uses his drone to capture Giga Shanghai activity.

It therefore appears that Tesla is readying its Shanghai plant for "Project Highland" Model 3 production. That said, after rumors suggesting new Model 3 production would start in June surfaced, Tesla China swiftly denied such claims. It's important to note that Tesla China has denied rumors in the past that have ultimately turned out to be true, such as the import of Giga Shanghai vehicles to the US.

The Model 3 is expected to receive an upgraded powertrain and extensive updates to both the exterior and interior, hence this isn't just a facelift. So on paper it makes sense that Giga Shanghai would have to shut down Model 3 production entirely to prepare for the revamp. 

It's interesting that Model Y production is continuing, however. Given the 3 and Y share so much in common, one would assume that the Y will be revised at the same time as the Model 3 (as was the case with the Model S and X back in 2021). While a simultaneous revision is highly probable, Tesla simply may not be able to stop production of the Model Y at the moment with demand being so high. Tesla's crossover was the world's best-selling car in Q1 2023, after all.

Regardless, the new Model 3 is imminent and will definitely be here by the end of the year. For more info, check out Wu Wa's video below.

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