A Tesla Model 3 driver and a Lexus driver got into a bit of road rage over a simple zipper merge, which ended up leading to a crash. However, another Tesla was involved in the crash, but had no part in the incident and no fault.

As the story goes, a Tesla Model 3 owner named Luis was driving in the express lane on a Florida freeway when all the traffic had to merge from two lanes into one. If people did what's expected, zipper merges like this would be a piece of cake. However, we all know that there are often at least a few folks who like to make their own rules and mess it up for everyone else.

You'll see in the video that those folks happen to be the driver of a different Model 3, as well as a Lexus driver. The two are exchanging hand gestures back and forth and staying side by side, likely arguing about who gets to go ahead in the zipper merge. Eventually, the Model 3 driver backed off to let the Lexus merge in behind Luis.

The Lexus driver then began to swerve back and forth on and off the shoulder in front of the Model 3, until a police officer was nearby. As the officer passed, it seems the Lexus driver and the Model 3 driver were distracted. Traffic ahead had come to a stop, and while the Lexus was able to pull off to the shoulder to avoid rear-ending Luis, the trailing Model 3 ended up hitting both cars.

The police determined that the driver of the red Tesla was at fault, and she was ticketed for reckless driving. Sadly, Luis' month-old Model 3 was a total loss. 

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