A high-speed car chase recently unraveled on the streets of Florida, where two armed suspects were trying to escape the police in a white Lexus, but they were presumably running low on fuel because, at one point, they started searching for an alternative getaway car.

Their first target, a Genesis G80, was unsuccessful. Apparently, the driver of the luxury sedan refused to open his door and appeared to have the doors locked, so the suspect that got out of the two-door Lexus runs back to the getaway vehicle and they continue on their reckless drive, all while being pursued by the police and filmed by Inside Edition from a helicopter.

A few moments later, however, one of the armed suspects approaches a white Tesla Model 3 and opens the driver’s door, telling the man inside to get out of the car – at gunpoint.

The Tesla owner abides by the carjacker’s requests. The armed suspect then flees the scene in the white EV, while the victim is left speechless and shaking in the middle of the road, trying to call his wife on his Apple Watch because his phone was still inside the car that got stolen.

Fortunately, nobody was harmed in this crazy chase on the streets of Florida, and the police eventually managed to get the suspect who carjacked the Tesla at gunpoint, after t-boning the EV with a pickup truck.

As the video embedded above shows, even a poor duck was involved in the police chase, when one of the suspects was trying to evade officers by swimming across a stream and hiding in somebody’s house. The duck was not harmed, and the suspect eventually got out of the house wearing only his underpants, for some reason.

This is without a doubt one of the most thrilling and unsettling car chases we’ve seen recently, but we’d like to know what you think. So please head over to the comments section below to tell us your thoughts: would this high-speed chase have had a different outcome if the Tesla’s doors were locked?

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