Izera, a Polish EV startup, has revealed its first two models will enter production in 2025. Founded three years ago, Izera is heavily backed by the Polish government. The automaker will manufacture all of its vehicles at a currently unbuilt factory in the Polish city of Jaworzno.

With styling from Pininfarina and a platform from Geely, Izera is getting plenty of external help. Its first two models will be a crossover and a hatchback. The crossover, dubbed the Z100, will be a cut-price Model Y-rival with a range of roughly 273 miles and a 7-second 0-60 mph time. Meanwhile, Izera's hatchback will be called the T100 and is expected to also have a range of around 273 miles.

When quizzed on Izera's decision to partner with Pininfarina, the firm's design chief Tadeusz Jelec had the following to say (via AutoCar):

"The aim of our collaboration [with Pininfarina] is to leverage the stylistic DNA we showcased during the public presentation of Izera prototypes in 2020; and update the brand's unique stylistic language so that it accommodates the parameters of the platform on which our vehicles are going to be built and market trends.”

Production of Izera's two launch models is expected to begin in 2025. Izera's Jaworzno factory will create 2,400 jobs and will cost in the region of $1.2 billion to build.

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