Alpha Motor Corporation, the EV startup founded by two baristas from Seattle, has announced a partnership with UHI Group. The pair hope to develop a functioning prototype of Alpha's Wolf pickup truck. The prototype will then be used for testing and getting more investors on board. 

The retro-style Wolf has a theoretical range of up to 275 miles and will be powered by an 83 kWh battery according to Alpha. Furthermore, the Wolf has a claimed towing capacity of 3,000 lbs and will be able to launch from 0-60 mph in a brisk 6.2 seconds.

Alpha also showed off a sleek coupe called the ACE several years ago. However, the company insists that the Wolf is being prioritized for now.

Plenty of controversy has surrounded Alpha since its inception several years ago. Many have criticized the company for promoting vaporware while questions have also been asked of Alpha's two founders, Joshua Boyt and Jay Lijewski. Neither comes from an engineering or business background. Instead, they both made coffee for a living. And while they traveled to several car shows in the 2010s as baristas, it appears both have no credible experience in the automotive industry. 

However Alpha is now working with a relatively well-known manufacturing/engineering firm in UHI Group, with the Michigan-based specialist having previously partnered with other EV startups like Canoo. Whether or not the Wolf will ever reach production is another story, but at least Alpha is heading in the right direction.

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