Ram is close to unveiling a concept vehicle that will preview the brand’s first mid-size all-electric pickup truck, according to dealers who attended a company meeting in Las Vegas last week.

The truck is said to have a similar design to that of the full-size Ram 1500 Revolution concept shown at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, but as Ram CEO Mike Koval Jr. said before the dealer gathering, the mid-size concept wouldn’t be as developed as the Revolution, as per Automotive News.

Dealer Randy Dye, who was Stellantis' dealer council chairman in 2022, said that the new concept was “spectacular:” 

"We're going to be back in that [mid-size] game," Dye told Automotive News. "Without a doubt, it looks like a Ram. I look at some of the other mid-size offerings in the market, and I'm not going to pick on the individual brands, but I don't think they always favor their mother brand. The mid-size ones have seemed to get away, and they don't look the same. This is very much a Ram."

But the concept of a smaller, more affordable electric pickup wasn’t the only vehicle shown to dealers in Las Vegas. Stellantis detailed more than 30 products from its vast portfolio of brands, including a concept for the next-generation Durango SUV, which is said to be “drastically different from the current generation.”

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Ram (or Dodge for that matter) hasn’t had a mid-size truck in its portfolio since the Dakota was retired in 2011. The body-on-frame pickup used to share the same underpinnings as the Durango SUV, which continued with a third generation after the Dakota was discontinued, on the same platform as the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

With all this being said, it looks like Stellantis is working on revamping the mid-size models in the Ram lineup, which will include all-electric versions, as Randy Dye mentions:

"I love our hot rod stuff. I love our gas engines. I love all of that," he said. "But if you take a minute and you think about performance, does it matter that it's an ICE engine? Does it matter that it's a diesel engine? I think what a lot of people are afraid of is that we're going to go back into the '80s when the performance car business just didn't exist, and that's not what this is about. As a matter of fact, number wise, I would tell you that probably a lot of the EV platforms are better performing than the gas."

Set to be based on the STLA Frame architecture that can accept battery packs with a capacity between 101 kilowatt-hours and 118 kWh (for a driving range of up to 500 miles), the upcoming all-electric mid-size pickup’s reveal date hasn’t been divulged yet.

Ram unveiled the full-size 1500 Revolution concept at the beginning of the year and later showed the production version of the all-electric 1500 REV truck, which is set to enter production sometime in 2024.

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