Thok E-bikes is an Italian company that's popular for producing premium off-road and mountain bikes. They're all about sleek styling, powerful motors, and cutting-edge technology. You're probably familiar with the brand as the folks responsible for producing Ducati's high-end e-bikes. Indeed, Thok E-Bikes has a wide array of models to choose from, including full-suspension and hardtail mountain bikes, as well as city and trekking e-bikes.

Despite its already amazing assortment of models, the firm is expanding its portfolio. Thok has just released a new e-bike called the Gram for all you enduro riders out there. It's composed of carbon and features a frame built by Aldo Drudi, a renowned Thok designer. Thok believes Drudi's touch brings out the Italian flair of the bikes, while still offering uncompromising performance.

Thok has made certain that heavy-duty materials can survive the most rigorous use in the most inhospitable of terrain. They've also added extra strength with UD fibers to give the frame even more stability. The cables are concealed inside the carbon frame's cable sleeves to keep everything looking sharp.

Serious mountain bikers understand how important saddle and pedal placement are for an engaging and efficient ride. Thok recognizes this and developed the seat tube with a 78-degree angle to improve grip and ergonomic efficiency when climbing steep slopes. Furthermore, the 64-degree steering angle makes it effortless to ride over obstacles such as rocks, roots, and ruts. Additionally, the low center of gravity of the bike, in conjunction with the newly designed TPS2 spring system, offers the required flexibility and traction on the rear tire.

GRAMThok Launches Two New Carbon E-MTBs: Gram And Gram RC

On the performance front, Thok has outfitted the Gram with a closed Shimano system powered by an EP8 motor. The 630-Watt-hour inbuilt battery is readily detachable and can be charged and transported separately from the bike. Additionally, the Gram has two riding modes: long and fast, allowing the user to chose their preferred pedal assist depending on the terrain.

Thok's newest carbon e-MTB comes in two flavors: Gram and Gram RC, all of which are available in a cool gray colorway, while the Gram also comes in red, and the more expensive RC comes in a blacked-out design. The Gram has Fox suspension and 170 millimeters of front and rear travel. SRAM 4-piston brakes with 200-millimeter discs, an SRAM 12-speed rear derailleur, and Maxxis Assegai tires round out the features.

Thok Launches Two New Carbon E-MTBs: Gram And Gram RC
Thok Launches Two New Carbon E-MTBs: Gram And Gram RC

The Gram RC features 180 millimeters of travel with the same suspension fork, but a Float X2 as the rear shock absorber. The tires, which are likewise Maxxis Assegai rubber, are 29 inches in the front and 27.5 inches in the back. These bikes are available in sizes ranging from S to XL, allowing a wide range of users to exploit the bike's off-road capability. The new Grams are priced at $8,029 USD (7,490 Euros) for the standard model and  $10,612 USD (9,900 Euros) for the Gram RC, according to Thok's official website.

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