Those of you who happen to be motorcycle and cycling aficionados will likely be familiar with THOK E-Bikes and the models they've developed for Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati. These models include the enduro and all-mountain TK-01RR and MIG-S models, as well as the FUTA electric road bike. There's also a the touring and adventure focused E-Scrambler. All these bikes are stylized in Ducati fashion, and as such, command quite a premium. 

Apart from developing and producing performance-oriented e-bikes for Ducati, THOK E-Bikes also has its own lineup of thoroughly impressive electric bicycles. For folks who are interested in getting a taste of what THOK E-Bikes has to offer, the Italian company has opened registrations for THOK Tribe 2023, a yearly event for e-bike enthusiasts to get together and test ride what THOK E-Bikes has to offer. This year, THOK Tribe will be held from May 13 to 14, in Castiglione della Pescaia,  coastal town in Tuscany, Italy.

THOK describes the event as a unique gathering of like-minded individuals, and a "great e-mountain biking festival." Now on its fifth leg, the THOK Tribe selects key locations across Italy to showcase all of its models to e-bike aficionados. For the 2022 THOK Tribe, a total of 400 participants made their way to the Dolomiti de Brenta, a popular mountain range in Italy, to get a taste of THOK's potent electric mountain bikes. The company hopes for an equally impressive, if not even better turnout this year. 

On May 12, 2023, a day before the event, THOK will be holding a press day for journalists to get up close and personal with all the models in the brand's model range. Guests will be able to test ride all the models in THOK's arsenal, as well as meet the THOK E-Bikes community. In total, THOK E-Bikes has 11 models to choose from, sub-divided into the TK and MIG lineups. The TK series is THOK's enduro line, and features cutting-edge components and technology. Meanwhile, the MIG lineup consists of all-mountain machines, and even has the MIG HT and HT-R hardtails, the most accessible models in THOK's lineup. 

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