Spanish bicycle specialist Mondraker has built a solid reputation for itself as a premium, performance-oriented brand in the world of mountain bikes—both standard and electric. In keeping with the growing gravel bike trend, Mondraker has debuted the Dusty, an electric gravel bike sporting some impressive technology. 

The Dusty comes in three different models—the entry-level Dusty R, the mid-range Dusty RR, and the top-tier Dusty XR, all of which have carbon fiber frames. The uniquely designed geometry, which was borrowed from cross-country mountain bikes, provides an engaging riding experience on a variety of surfaces. The Dusty is an excellent touring bike thanks to its numerous mounting points for bags and accessories. The seat stays are also quite comfortable and offer the required leverage for difficult and technical off-road courses.

Mondraker Pulls The Covers Off The Dusty Electric Gravel Bike

Mondraker uses a lightweight, maneuverable drive from the German expert Mahle for its drive system. The completely integrated Mahle X20 drive provides up to 55 Nm of torque and up to 200 percent pedal assistance. The company estimates that the 350-Wh battery used to power the motor will have a range of 180 kilometers, or about 112 miles, on a single charge. To provide even greater range, a 171-Wh range extender may be installed.

Complementing the impressive powertrain is an equally impressive array of technology. Direct access to all ride data is available through the Mahle MySmartBike app. Via the app, ride data can be viewed, and assistance levels can be changed on an individual basis. When riding, you can use the shifter to choose the preset assistance level without taking your hands off the handlebars. The upper frame tube has an additional control device that shows the riding mode and battery level. The cockpit and frame are kept svelte and elegant by having lines and wires run within the frame.

Three distinctive, model-dependent color combinations of the Dusty are offered by Mondraker: blue/carbon, green/carbon/red, and gray/carbon/orange. The gravel e-bikes are significantly lighter than entry-level non-electric cycles, weighing just 12.8 to 13.8 kg. As of this writing, select dealers in Europe are taking orders for the Mondraker Dusty. The suggested retail pricing for the Mondraker Dusty R, RR, and XR are around 5,000 euros ($5,323 USD), 6,300 euros ($6,707 USD), and a staggering 10,000 euros ($10,646 USD), respectively.

Mondraker Pulls The Covers Off The Dusty Electric Gravel Bike
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