Here is an interesting and quite unusual road situation where a Rivian R1T all-electric pickup truck was high-centered on the snow and immobilized.

We have no idea how it happened - maybe the driver wanted to drive through the snow in some kind of parking lot? Anyway, the Rivian R1T got stuck, despite its powerful and very capable quad-motor, all-wheel-drive powertrain. If wheels have only a little contact with the ground, so not much can be done.

As we can see in the video provided by Tesla East Bay Fremont, there is also a Tesla Model S electric sedan, which was used to pull the Rivian R1T out of the snow trap.

The all-wheel-drive Tesla Model S managed to quite smoothly pull out the R1T, with only a bit of sliding. It's nice to see that electric cars now can help each other in difficult situations.


Some suggest in the comments that maybe lowering and raising the air suspension a few times would help.


More recently, we saw how the Rivian R1T helped to recover a semi-truck that slid off the highway into a ditch.

Almost any vehicle can get stuck, and electric vehicles - even those considered the most capable - are no exception. We guess that sooner or later someone will be immobilized even in the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck.

With mass electrification, drivers should be able to help each other because electric drive is outstanding for towing at low speeds.

Besides towing, electric vehicles might also be useful for powering electrical equipment, other EVs on the road, or even whole buildings in the case of an emergency.

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