It has been a while since we shared a video with you from our friends at the All Electric Family YouTube channel, but we're here to tell you they've really ramped things up. They are now the proud owners of a Rivian R1T and a Rivian R1S, the latter of which they just got after trading in their Ford F-150 Lighting. They've actually had the R1T for some time now, and they finally got the opportunity to test its Snow Mode feature.

This winter hasn't proven to be the best for people who aim to test cars in the snow, especially in certain areas. It has been a pretty mild winter across many parts of the US, and we've only just started getting some storms with heavier snowfall in recent weeks. 

Our friends at All Electric Family live in Nebraska, and they finally got some good snow recently. In fact, the ground was covered in about 10 inches of the white stuff when Katie, Steve, and the kids took the Rivian R1T out for a test drive. Rivian markets its vehicles as Adventure Vehicles, and we know they fare quite well away from the pavement, so we imagine they're also proficient in heavy snow.

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The R1T is an all-wheel-drive electric pickup truck that has several different drive modes, including one specifically designed for tackling snow. As you'll see in the video, the family drives in the deep snow just as if there's really no snow at all. They don't hesitate to push the pedal around curves, and the truck remains confident and controlled throughout the testing.

You can tell very quickly that the family adores the R1T and how well it moves safely and gracefully through the deep snow. If they didn't love the R1T, they most certainly wouldn't have traded in their new F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck to add the Rivian R1S three-row SUV to their list of EVs.

Steve admits that the R1T does slip sideways a bit at one point, but he also admits to having intentionally put it into Sand Mode instead of Snow Mode. Check out the short video to see for yourself how well the Rivian tackles the elements. 

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