This family has owned a Tesla Model Y Long Range for two years now. It's a dual-motor all-wheel-drive crossover with the optional third row of seats. The family of five has taken the Model Y on many road trips, and they decided it was time to share their opinions with the world.

If they had to go back two years and do it over again, would they buy the Tesla Model Y? Do the Tesla electric SUV's pros outweigh the cons? Is it saving them money? You'll find the answers to all of these questions covered in the video above, along with much more. They even share some insight into upgrades and protection you may want to consider for your Tesla, as well as helpful advice on EV road trip planning. 

YouTube influencers Lockett Tech certainly love their Model Y for a number of reasons. It seems their top positives are similar to those of many Tesla families. No more smelly gas. Regen braking and one-pedal driving. Tons of cargo space. A blast to drive. The Supercharger network makes road trips possible and it's widespread and reliable, which can't be said about rival networks.

Lovett Tech also shares that Tesla's technology is impressive. The over-the-air software updates are a game changer, especially when Tesla can improve a car's range and performance remotely, not to mention free of charge.

While these Model Y owners mention a number of minor cons in the video, the biggest concerns are the EV's range and build quality. To be clear, their Model Y offers them plenty of driving range, but Tesla's EVs rarely have as much range as the EPA estimates. Moreover, the cars themselves don't provide an accurate representation of the number of miles remaining while driving.

Tesla also has a reputation for having inconsistent quality control. It seems many owners, including Lovett Tech, wish their cars were of higher quality, especially considering the luxury price point.

With all of that said, this family admits that if Tesla really opens the Supercharger network to all EVs, they would consider replacing their Model Y with a competing non-Tesla model.

Once you've had the time to check out the Tesla Model Y review video above, scroll down and share your takeaways. Do you think the Model Y is worth all the hype? Is it deserving of being the best-selling EV in the US, the sixth best-selling car in America, and one of the world's top-selling models overall? We'd love to know what you think.

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