The Tesla Model Y was the 6th best-selling vehicle in America in 2022, with approximately 252,000 units being delivered. The Y was by far the best-selling EV last year, however it couldn't beat any of America's "big 3" pickup trucks. 653,957 units of the Ford F-Series were sold in 2022, meanwhile 513,354 Chevy Silverados and 468,344 Rams were bought. 

Also ahead of the Model Y were two Toyota models: the RAV4 (399,941 sales) and the Camry (295,201). Still, the Y beat plenty of traditional top sellers such as the Honda CR-V and Toyota Tacoma.

It's no surprise to see the Model Y doing so well. Tesla's crossover has been a strong seller ever since it launched in March 2020. For the typical buyer, it ticks a lot of boxes: practical, tech-laden, comfortable, and affordable to run. Although its base point of $67,440 is far from cheap, it's a relatively good deal given all of the above. Plus, buyers are now able to avail of a $7,500 tax credit should they spec their Y with 7 seats (then it qualifies as an SUV).

The next best-selling EV was, unsurprisingly, the Tesla Model 3. 211,643 units were sold last year, meaning it ranked 13th overall.

In terms of EV sales no other brands came close to Tesla, however there were one or two surprises. Rivian shipped 20,332 R1S and R1T trucks last year, a seriously impressive amount for a startup.

Meanwhile, only 20,511 Volkswagen ID.4 crossovers were sold in America in 2022. Given the ID.4's competitive pricing and the popularity of the electric crossover segment that's a somewhat underwhelming figure. However, it's important to note VW has been heavily impacted by ongoing supply chain issues as it sources its wiring harnesses from Ukraine. 

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