Tesla is ramping up hiring for its vehicle service department, especially in California, with 89 new job listings being posted on the company’s website in a single day, as Electrek reports.

The massive investment comes after Tesla slashed the prices of its models by up to 20 percent, which led to a surge in demand, and thus more technicians, advisors, and coordinators will be needed to handle the probable rise in service requests.

You can check out all of the service jobs available in California here, where you’ll see several collision repair listings among the sea of positions, indicating that Tesla is moving forward with its plan to expand the number of collision centers in the United States, moving away from third-party body shops.

Last year, the EV maker’s servicing needs were so high that it temporarily sent untrained sales representatives to tackle service requests, before sending them back to their office jobs for the fourth quarter delivery push.

Additionally, Elon Musk tweeted in 2022 that Tesla Service will try to offer same-day service for two-thirds of the requests in North America, and later added that the company will apply Formula 1 pit crew techniques to enable same-hour service as often as possible.


It’s unclear at the moment whether the spike in hirings will result in more cars being serviced in just one hour, but more trained people available should reduce wait times considerably.

Tesla recently lowered the price of its models by up to $21,000, enabling some cars to qualify for the $7,500 federal tax credit and making them a great deal. This move sent shockwaves throughout the automotive industry, disrupting used car prices and prompting some rival executives to question Tesla’s strategy.

As a reminder, the Tesla Model 3 RWD had its price reduced by $3,000, from $46,990 to $43,990, marking a 6.5 percent reduction. The Model 3 Performance got a 14.2 percent price drop, from $62,990 to $53,990.

At the same time, the Tesla Model S Plaid’s price was reduced by around $21,000, from $135,990 to $114,990.

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