As more people buy EVs, it becomes even clearer that we need more public fast charging infrastructure, and quickly. This is even the case for Tesla owners, who have access to the Supercharger network: the largest, most widespread, and arguably most reliable DC fast charging network to date. Some Tesla owners are now getting revenge on others by making sure they "pay" for using a Supercharger station as a parking spot.

If someone is parked at a Tesla Supercharger station and not charging, you should help them out, right? Perhaps they were simply in a hurry and completely forgot to plug in. It would be sad for them if they returned to their car and realized they didn't remember to charge.

No, regardless of the circumstances, you shouldn't mess with someone else's car. Even if they're taking up a spot and you can't charge your Tesla because of their choice, taking matters into your own hands could lead to further issues. Sadly, the best course of action is to leave their EV alone.

While the above is probably not what some people want to hear, it's the safest option, and two wrongs don't make a right. However, we've learned that some Tesla owners are now intentionally plugging such cars in so that the owner will incur idle charges. They feel that this is a way to punish them for being rude and inconsiderate with their parking choices. 

According to Teslarati, the EV community is now calling these inconsiderate owners, "EVholes." They're similar to the ICE drivers who have been "ICEing" charging spots for years now. However, the difference is that some ICE owners may be completely unaware that they're blocking a charging spot, and/or they may not realize what a big deal it is. That's certainly not the case if a Tesla owner intentionally parks at a Supercharger stall and goes about their business without plugging in.

While Tesla has some solutions in place to help make sure people aren't abusing Supercharger parking, it doesn't always help. See below how a Tesla owner in China handled the situation.


Yes, in an act of revenge, other Tesla owners are plugging the cars in so that they get idle fees. The above video was made in China, but it appears Tesla owners in the US are following suit.


Did you know that you could open the charging port of a Tesla Model Y or Model 3 without having access to the car? Do you condone such behavior? 

Perhaps there's something Tesla could do to ensure that people can't open your charging port. Moreover, you'd think an owner would not only get an alert that the charging port was opened, but that the car was plugged in and charging. They certainly get an alert before they begin to incur idle fees. Let us know your take on this situation by leaving a comment below.

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