One of the Tesla Supercharging stations in Canada recently had a pretty busy weekend, as far as ICEing (blocking charging stalls) is considered.

According to Drive Tesla Canada, one of the stalls at the site in Boisbriand, Quebec was blocked by a large white Chevy Silverado 1500 High Country pickup truck.

An interesting thing is that the stall was not only simply blocked (used as a parking space) but also there was no one inside the vehicle (according to the report) while the truck was idling for 15-20 minutes or so until the owner returned from a nearby grocery shopping.

Well, we don't know whether fuel costs dropped so much in Quebec to encourage keeping the engine running 24/7 or if there was a different reason. However, the report says that the pickup truck driver explained "sarcastically" that he "dreams" to own a Tesla one day. We could "sarcastically" say that maybe he was just training before the switch - reverse parking would be suggested too.

The Boisbriand's Supercharger had another ICEing guest during the weekend, as the next day a Lamborghini arrived at the very same charging stall (shown below).

It's interesting that this car also was parked in reverse, which would be almost right if not for the non-electric nature of the engine and lack of Supercharging capability.


While some of the stories like this happen to be hilarious - at least if there is an abundance of free charging stalls - the general issue of blocked chargers is real. Some might lose a lot of time waiting for a charging opportunity.

The problem occurs not only in the US or Canada, but basically everywhere. Most recently, the Police Department in Bavaria, Germany even launched a special campaign against ICEing.

Hopefully, popularization of EVs, a denser charging network, education, as well as a dose of tickets will gradually limit ICEing, although it's probably more of a matter of years rather than in the near future.

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