According to a tweet and video from 42HOW, Tesla has initiated an over-the-air software update in China to help owners avoid ICE'ing. What is ICE'ing? Well, in most  cases, it's a sweet, yummy substance that is spread on cakes and pastries. However, in this case, it's when a gas-powered car parks in an EV charging spot.

While ICE'ing is actually illegal in some areas of the world, that's not widely the case. Some jurisdictions go so far as to tow away gas cars that are blocking charging stations. However, in other areas, there's no rule against it, rather, it's just considered a courtesy not to park in a charging spot when your car can't charge.

Tesla's new feature in China is related to its smartphone app. Essentially, Tesla owners have the ability to you the Tesla App to unlock the floor lock at Tesla Supercharger stations that have them.


Tesla owners have had issues with ICE cars parking in Tesla Supercharger spots for several years. For this reason, the company installed floor locks in Supercharger parking spaces. Basically, you can't actually pull into the spot while the floor lock is up unless you want to risk damaging your car or getting stuck in the parking spot.

According to Teslarati, for a Tesla owner to disengage the floor lock, they had to scan a special QR code and then get it authenticated. Now, the tedious process has been streamlined. Tesla owners can simply grab their phone and go through an easy two-step process to unlock the system.

If you click on the video in the tweet above, it makes it much easier to understand precisely what a floor lock is, as well as how the new app update works to ease the process of unlocking it. Scroll down to the comment section and let us know what you think of this concept. Will it make its way to other markets? How about the US?

We've also included an older video from our friend Alex Guberman at E for Electric:

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