Volkswagen has announced that it will surely offer a factory camper option for the newly released ID Buzz, although not for another few years. Until it does, other small specialized companies will offer their version, like Bavaria-based Alpin Camper, which just revealed its Buzz camper at a major tourism and leisure consumer show in Germany.

It’s surely the first of many such camper conversions for the ID Buzz, but it really looks the part, especially inside as it features a completely custom rear compartment. There’s also a pop-up roof tent that allows people to actually stand up inside the bus.

The small sitting area inside is also a bed and opposite there’s a kitchenette equipped with everything you’d expect to find in a modern camper (a sink and induction cooktop). No photos of the driver’s area is shown, though, so it presumably has no changes.

Alpin Camper modified what looks like a very basic ID Buzz, that has hubcaps and the blank plastic instead of a light bar, just like on the the Cargo version. In fact, peeking through the window into the front compartment, it looks like the vehicle has the Cargo model’s dark grey seats and dashboard.

Gallery: VW ID. Buzz camper by Alpin Camper

This isn’t the first Buzz-based camper, though. One was shown last year in September at another venue in Germany, created by Ququq. It doesn’t look quite as fancy inside, but it did have the roof tent, a bigger bed in the back, as well as its own pop-out camp kitchen - they even showed it towing its very own tiny house on wheels at the event where it was revealed.

When Volkswagen gets around to turning the Buzz into a camper, though, it is believed it will use the long-wheelbase version, presumably to make use of the larger available interior volume, as well as the bigger battery that may be available. And considering the decades of history behind VW buses being turned into campers, you can bet the manufacturer will play the heritage/retro card.

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