If you were expecting Chrysler to rehash the Airflow Concept for CES 2023, you are in for a surprise. No, we still don't get to see what Chrysler's first EV will look like – at least on the outside.

But we do get a glimpse at the automaker's future interior design and technology courtesy of the Chrysler Synthesis cockpit demonstrator. Building on the reveal of the Chrysler Airflow Concept at CES 2022, the Chrysler Synthesis two-seater is said to represent the next step in the brand's revitalization and transformation.

It previews the first North American application of new Stellantis technologies and demonstrates the integration of the brand's contemporary, technology-forward and sustainable interior design with advanced Stellantis technology. Chrysler calls the result "Harmony in Motion" as this combination promises a more user-friendly, more connected and more efficient mobility experience.

More specifically, the Chrysler Synthesis utilizes a trio of AI-powered Stellantis technological platforms: STLA Smart Cockpit, STLA Brain and STLA AutoDrive. They will make their debut in a production vehicle on Chrysler's first battery-electric vehicle expected in 2025. Actually, Chrysler will be the first Stellantis brand to implement these technologies in North America.

"For nearly 100 years, Chrysler has created ingenious products and technologies for mainstream customers, and Chrysler will continue that legacy of innovation as the first to launch the STLA Smart Cockpit in North America. The Chrysler Synthesis shown at CES 2023 represents the future of Chrysler brand design, technology, and customer experience, by introducing customer-centric design and intuitive, seamlessly connected technology for real life."

Chris Feuell, Chrysler brand CEO – Stellantis

Gallery: Chrysler Synthesis Cockpit Demonstrator

The STLA Brain electrical architecture works within the STLA Smart Cockpit infotainment system, integrating advanced technology seamlessly through the sculpted black glass to provide 37.2 inches (945 millimeters) of infotainment for both front-row occupants. 

Advanced AI technology adapts and enhances the user interface over time as it "learns" owner preferences, while over-the-air (OTA) flexibility enables the quick creation and updating of software features.

There's also a virtual personal assistant that automatically installs updates, syncs to calendars for schedule and route planning, allows multi-tasking while driving autonomously, recommends parking and charging options, assists with e-commerce services, and connects devices and smart homes.

The Chrysler Synthesis also demonstrates the OTA update/upgrade-capable STLA AutoDrive, which delivers Level 3 autonomous driving allowing for hands off the steering wheel and eyes off the road.

From a styling perspective, the Chrysler Synthesis cockpit is inspired by the look and feel of the Airflow Concept. It features a pair of vegetable-tanned, suspended seats wrapped with an arctic upcycled chrome-free soft trim with a unique constellation-style perforation, a recycled melange heather instrument panel made of 100 percent post-industrial plastics and ocean plastics, and textile-infused walnut flooring.

There's no steering wheel, but the production model will get one. Chrysler, which currently has no all-electric model on sale, has pledged to have a full battery-electric portfolio by 2028.

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