Many e-bikers, such as myself, take to the streets on two wheels with practicality and sustainability in mind. As such, when shopping for e-bikes, we generally want something that's easy to ride and capable of carrying a reasonable amount of cargo. Conversely, other e-cyclists ride e-bikes for fun and sport—this is where electric mountain bikes and road bikes come into play. Now, what if you wanted something that could do it all?

Moustache Bikes Provides All-Terrain Versatility With Petit Weekend E-Bike

Well, Moustache bikes, an up and coming French bike maker, thinks it has the answer. It's called the Petit Weekend, but there's certainly nothing petite about it, as it's packing a capable platform and some thoroughly impressive tech. Now, one glance at this bike makes it clear that it hopes to be a jack of all trades. According to Moustache, this bike is ideal for people who want to commute to work during the week and go on weekend adventure tours across all sorts of terrain. So, what exactly do you get in exchange for your 6,399 Euros ($6,825 USD)? Let's take a closer look. 

The Petit Weekend can effortlessly tackle hills thanks to the impressive Bosch Performance Line CX motor's power and torque output of 85 Nm. The various assist modes, which include an enhanced eMTB mode and the Extended Boost function, are perfectly tailored to give the greatest possible range while still delivering a smooth, low-friction pedaling experience. You can easily take on longer journeys thanks to the Bosch PowerTube, a 625-Wh battery pack that provides great range.

Regarding the Petit Weekend's frame, Moustache Bikes gave it a 6061 aluminum construction. With 120 millimeters of travel, it has the manufacturer's own Magic Grip Control damper, which not only makes the ride more comfortable but also is more effective and easy to operate. Comfort is guaranteed on both everyday rides and weekend excursions on gravel roads and trails thanks to the frame's combination with the RockShox 35 Gold RL 130 mm suspension fork.

Of course, the Petit Weekend aspires to be more than just an electric mountain bike with full suspension. As a result, it has front and rear fenders and a baggage rack that is compatible with the QL3 and MIK HD and can accommodate child seats. The end result is an electric bike that is tough, capable, and adaptable—it may even replace your car on some excursions.

Moustache Bikes Provides All-Terrain Versatility With Petit Weekend E-Bike
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