Moustache Bikes has updated its Samedi TRAIL and GAME full suspension electric mountain bikes, increasing their range by 125 Wh to a total of 750 Wh. The Samedi 29 geometry has been altered to handle the larger battery, resulting in longer reach numbers and a lower bottom bracket height to keep the bike's center of gravity as low as can be.

The framesets for the 160mm travel GAME and 150mm travel TRAIL eMTBs are identical, with the travel and geometry variances due to the use of a longer stroke shock and fork, as well as the inclusion of a headset shim. Importantly, Moustache does not sell the headset shim separately, thus swapping between the two configurations isn’t quite possible at the moment.

Moustache Samedi 29 TRAIL

The biggest improvement for Moustache's 2022 Samedi 29 eMTBs is that they now come with the latest Bosch Performance Line CX motor and the 750Wh battery that comes with it, which increases range by a claimed 20% over the old 625 Wh battery. Only the entry-level TRAIL 2, which retails for €4,799, or approximately $5,134 USD, gets the older 625 Wh battery. The remainder of the more premium bikes under the Samedi 29 electric mountain bike range get the new 750 Wh battery pack.

Understandably, with a larger battery comes extra weight. To address this, Moustache put its frames on a 150-gram diet by revising the bike’s cable routing. Ultimately, because the disadvantages of greater weight aren't as severe in the world of e-bikes, manufacturers may get away with making heavier bikes at the expense of additional technology and range.

Moustache Samedi 29 GAME

The 2022 Samedi 29 eMTBs feature Moustache's patented Magic Grip Control shock, which was built in-house with a tuning customized to their four-bar suspension architecture, just like the previous TRAIL and GAME versions. Moustache goes into further detail on this by explaining how it works in an article published by BikeRumor. “The Magic Grip Control offers a reliable and complex technology that can be adjusted in two clicks! The integrated “SAG” indicator permits easy adjustment to find the optimal setting for your riding.”

As for pricing and availability, I’m guessing you’ve figured out by now that Moustache’s electric mountain bikes are anything but cheap. For starters, the 150mm-travel Samedi 29 TRAIL 11 will set you back a rather hefty €8,199, amounting to around $8,772 USD. Meanwhile the Samedi 29 GAME 9 retails for €6,699 or the equivalent of $7,168 USD.

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