Electric bike manufacturer Heybike is known for its compact, practical, and affordable electric bicycles. With comfort and utility in mind, the brand, who sources its products from China, is able to provide impressive models at attractive prices. The brand's newest innovation, a one-piece magnesium-framed e-bike called the Tyson, has just been unveiled and is set to make an appearance at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. 

The Tyson is the first folding bicycle in its class to use a strong 750-watt motor mounted on a unibody frame. This e-whole bike's frame is made of a single piece of magnesium alloy. As a result, the Tyson is both light and extremely durable. The  Tyson's debut coincides with Heybike's record-breaking sales, with almost 300 percent increase in the previous year, with the brand becoming an Amazon best-seller, placing third in the e-bike category, and first in the adult folding bike category.

E-Bike Company Heybike Unveils The Tyson Folding Electric Bicycle

In Heybike's press release, co-founder William Li stated, "We’re very excited to launch Tyson during CES 2023. We designed this product to give riders the ultimate in aesthetics and convenience while delivering a riding experience like none other. Tyson is not only gorgeous, it's also strong thanks to the innovative one-piece magnesium alloy construction. As with all Heybike products, riders can feel the superior quality and durability in every aspect of the product. Tyson’s unique frame geometry and folding unibody provide strength and aesthetics while also allowing the bike to be smaller and easier to fit into small spaces."

From a technical standpoint, the Heybike Tyson is powered by a 750W hub-mounted electric motor equipped with a thumb throttle. It's equipped with five levels of pedal assist, with a digital instrument cluster capable of smartphone connectivity via the Heybike Connect app. As for the battery, Heybike claims a single-charge range of around 55 miles out of the 48V, 15Ah battery pack housed within the magnesium frame. Give the bike's range and performance figures, it isn't particularly lightweight, tipping the scales at 77 lbs. 

Other practical amenities include a sturdy rear rack capable of hauling up to 120 lbs of cargo. The bike is also equipped with a front and rear suspension system, as well as 20 x 4-inch fat tires, allowing it to traverse all sorts of terrain. Last but not least, the bike is fitted with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. 

More information, such as available colorways, pricing, and availability, is set to be made available once the bike is showcased at CES 2023. Scheduled for Friday, January 6, 2023, until Sunday, January 8, 2023, CES is considered as one of the most influential tech conventions in the world, with innovations from all sorts of companies showcased with the intent of a more connected future. 

E-Bike Company Heybike Unveils The Tyson Folding Electric Bicycle
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