German e-bike specialist Haibike has made quite a name for itself in the electric mountain bike scene. Up until now, its e-bikes have been big, bulky, and burly, and quite a lot of people have come to associate the Haibike brand with this aesthetic. However, with its newest model, the Lyke, Haibike has gone for a sleeker, more streamlined aestheitc, while maintaining a premium e-MTB all around. Let's take a closer look.

To start with, the new Haibike Lyke is powered by a Fazua Ride 60 motor. Acclaimed for its compact construction and light weight, the Fazua motor enabled Haibike to design a sleeker, lighter-weight frame. The result is a 140-millimeter travel electric mountain bike that tips the scales at no more than 18.5 kilograms in its most premium SE trim level. 

German E-Bike Specialist Haibike Unveils The Lyke E-MTB

Due to its lightweight construction and compact design, the Fazua Motor Technology company, which is owned by Porsche, is steadily but definitely making its way onto more and more lightweight, mid-level assist e-bikes. An interesting thing to note about the Lyke is that the Fazua motor is positioned straight up into the seat tube, as opposed to the normal configuration of having the motor integrated into the downtube. The advantage to this seems to be a lower overall center of gravity, allowing for optimized traction and stability even on technical terrain. 

Overall, the Fazua Ride 60 tips the scales at just 4.2 kilograms, including the 430-Wh battery pack which can easily be slipped in and out of the frame, right above the bottom bracket. There's even an option to add a 210-Wh range extender, bumping up total capacity to 640 Wh of juice. As for power output, the Ride 60 pumps out 60 Nm of torque, and delivers three ride modes consisting of breeze, river, and rocket. There's also a handy walk mode that lets you push the bike around walking zones with ease. 

Three price points are offered for the Haibike Lyke eBike, all of which include a full carbon frame and the Fazua Ride 60 Motor. Pricing for the Lyke 10 in the Leather and Orange colorway starts at £5,699 ($6,894). With this trim level, you receive a SRAM SX/NX 12-speed drivetrain, a Rockshox Deluxe Select+ shock, and a Rockshox Lyrik Select fork. The more expensive Lyke 11 retails for £6,599 ($7,982) and has the Carbon/Sand/Lime color scheme. Last but not least, the top-tier Haibike Lyke SE costs £8,799, or around $10,643, and is available in the Navy/Bronze colorway.

German E-Bike Specialist Haibike Unveils The Lyke E-MTB
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